What is HubEntry

Nerve Center for Your Business

Every business has the need to increase efficiency and organization. HubEntry is a tool designed to do just that; make your business run more efficiently. HubEntry is a web based business tool that addresses all of your back end office functions. This includes project management, timesheet tracking, document management, contract management, MSA tracking, and immigration compliance. Being situated on the cloud, HubEntry gives the added benefit of providing remote access to these functions, putting critical information at your fingertips. In addition to providing tools for the back office, HubEntry’s unique immigration module is designed specifically for H1B employers and their risk management.

Nerve Center for Your Business

Manage your Back Office Functions with HubEntry

Business applications are becoming more and more critical for every business. Unfortunately, most of the applications available are either very expensive and don’t provide all of the functionality your business needs. In order to operate at peak efficiency, you need an application that not only provides all the functionality you need to manage your back office functions, but one that is cost effective. HubEntry is the answer to your business application needs

HubEntry gives you the tools you need to tackle all your critical everyday business functions. Our robust application has modules that address the employee/employer relationship, your higher administrative functions, and immigration compliance. We include everything from project management to timesheet tracking, contract management to MSA tracking, and document management to employee appraisals. HubEntry was designed to enable your organization to run more efficiently, and take some of the pressure off you and your business.

Immigration Compliance Simplified.

As the Department of Labor (DOL) and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) keep tightening regulations and increase enforcement, the likelihood of being audited is becoming more of a reality for IT Resourcing Firms. Over the last few years, the Department of Labor has been auditing H1B employers regardless of a violation history. Not only are your responsibilities growing as an H1B employer, you have an increased need for a product that simplifies the immigration compliance process. HubEntry is here to help.

HubEntry has a unique, comprehensive immigration module designed specifically for H1B employers. We use your iCERT credentials to pull down your LCAs and organize them for you. From there, we walk you through an easy to follow workflow that ensures you complete the LCA correctly. We create a step by step process in creating a Public Access File, and enable you to generate a notice of posting. In addition, HubEntry employee timesheets were specifically designed to be used for employee status reporting. We enable you to remain in complete compliance.