Why HubEntry

Customizable Back Office Solutions For Your Business

Customizable Back Office Solutions For Your Business

How does HubEntry optimize my business?

HubEntry takes a holistic approach, and provides a full range of tools for your back office. We focus on areas such as employee/employer relationship management, project management, contract management, document management, timesheet tracking, immigration compliance, and other back office functions. Many of our modules work together so you can stay more accurate and efficient while saving time and effort. As a cloud application, HubEntry gives you remote access so your critical information is always at your fingertips.

How does HubEntry work?

HubEntry is a cloud computing portal that you can access from any internet browser on any computer, at any time. With this flexibility, you can remain as up-to-date as possible, ensuring your business runs smoothly. We made it simple to upload your employee and customer information, and created an intuitive workflow process that allows you to jump right in and start improving your business.

Why should I choose HubEntry?

HubEntry is a comprehensive back office tool; when most other options on the market are very narrow. We enable you to address all of the everyday back office tasks you wrestle with so you can save time, effort, and resources; which you can put towards expanding your business. We designed our modules with easy to follow workflows to simplify your responsibilities.

How does HubEntry improve my Immigration Compliance?

With the integration of modules addressing Labor Condition Agreement (LCA) Tracking, Public Access Files (PAFs), Project Management, Employee Timesheets, and more; HubEntry provides the necessary tools that allow you to stay in compliance. Whether it’s generating accurate employee reports, ensuring wage compliance, or accurately displaying your Labor Condition Agreements (LCA) or Public Access Files (PAFs), HubEntry simplifies the immigration compliance process like you never thought possible.

Do I have to download any software?

HubEntry operates off of a cloud platform, eliminating the need for any software downloads. As a portal, HubEntry provides you the benefit of remote access to all your business functions, employee information and client contacts. HubEntry gives you unparalleled functionality and the freedom to operate from any browser on any computer.

How do the HubEntry timesheets work?

The HubEntry timesheet module can be used by both employees and employers. An employee will have their own login information, and be able to edit and submit their timesheets. An employee will be able to submit time by project and milestone, list achievements, denote dependencies, identify issues, and add attachments to each timesheet. A manager will then be able to view their employees’ timesheets, approve or reject them, and even add additional attachments.

Account administrators have a tremendous amount of control over their employee timesheets. They can specify timesheet frequencies per employee, assign required fields within a timesheet, and even link an employees’ timesheet with a project in order to track progress. The HubEntry timesheet module is a very powerful tool for any business.

How does the HubEntry projects module work?

The HubEntry projects module is a very detailed tool that can not only enable businesses to manage their projects, but link those projects with their work orders and timesheets. When creating a project, you are able to specify milestones, locations, projected hours, team members, etc. By linking a work order with a project, information such as team members, location, clients, etc. auto-populates so the work order and project information match. From there, that link carries over into each team members’ timesheet, so they can submit time under that project. Taking advantage of this linkage will increase the accuracy of your project and employee progress tracking.