bullet HubEntry is a patent pending back office business solution. We have designed modules that address all of your everyday back office functions so you can stay more organized and operate more efficiently. Project management, work order management, employee timesheet submittal and approval… all are at your fingertips. HubEntry makes it easy for you to manage workloads, track employee time, access customer information, manage your contracts, and much, much more.

bullet HubEntry has the robust business tools your business needs to be successful. We have project, work order, and timesheet modules that work together so you can track progress, manage employees, and track timesheets with ease.

bullet HubEntry also features a unique Immigration Module designed for H1B employers. All of the industry specific facets of the H1B program, such as LCA management, PAF creation, and Notice of Posting generation have all been streamlined with easy to follow workflows. We make immigration compliance easier than ever before.

Project Management Timesheet Tracking
Timesheet Tracking

As a cloud based application, HubEntry enables your employees to submit their timesheets from anywhere; and enables your managers to review, approve, or reject those timesheets from anywhere. We can automate the timesheet tracking process to make your life easier. HubEntry timesheets are fully customizable, providing your managers with more than just submitted hours. Employees can input time per project and milestone, list issues, identify dependencies, mention achievements, and even attach documents. HubEntry enables you to track employee time, progress, and productivity easily.

Project Management

Every company needs a method for organizing and efficiently managing their projects. HubEntry gives you all the tools needed to manage projects; and can even link them to your work orders and employee timesheets. You can create detailed projects and milestones, link projects to work orders, and link projects to team members so you can keep on top of your contracts and deliverables. No other product on the market empowers you with the pure functionality HubEntry provides.

Immigration Compliance

HubEntry has a unique immigration module designed specifically for H1B employers. Using your iCERT credentials, HubEntry can pull down and organize all of your LCA information. From there, an easy to follow, streamlined workflow has been added to walk you through all the steps in completing your LCAs. You can assign a consultant, create a Public Access File, and even generate a Notice of Posting. Our unique process simplifies the often cumbersome H1B process so you can focus your time more efficiently. HubEntry is a powerful tool for any H1B employer.

Document Management

It is critical for every business to properly maintain their employee documents. HubEntry includes an extremely detailed tool that enables employers to keep on top of their employee documents. You can create customized groups and categories for your documents, implement notifications and alerts, and set quick views so you have access to all the information you need. As a cloud based application, you and your employees can access any document from any computer, using any browser, at any time. We provide a number of standard document templates (green card documents, H1B documents, passports, education documents, etc.) in HubEntry, and give you all the tools to create customized templates specific to your business.