Project Management

Efficient Project Management that Links to Work Orders

Project Management Keeping on top of your projects and deliverables is critical to your business. HubEntry provides a detailed project management module that can help you manage your projects efficiently and effectively. You can create and edit projects, input all necessary location and date information, estimate hours, add notes, attach documents, and assign team members. This will save you time and effort in your project management and progress tracking. The more time and effort you save in your back office, the more you can put towards your front office and growing your business.

Here are just some of our Project features

Link with work orders Link with timesheets
Project location information
Project date information
Attach documents
Associate team members
Create milestones
Enter estimated hours

Our Projects Module works hand in hand with both our Work Orders and Timesheets Modules. When creating a work order, you are able to list the team members to be associated with it. From there, when creating a project, your work orders can be selected; which will auto-populate your location and team information. Once the team members are associated with the project, they can select that project when entering their timesheets. Linking these modules will increase the efficiency of your entire operation.