Contract and Work Order Management

Detailed Work Order Tracking That Helps Your Business Runs Smoother

Contract and Work Order Management HubEntry work orders were designed to have an extremely efficient workflow. Once your customers have been inputted into HubEntry, you can create your contracts and work orders. The work order includes all the detailed information you need, including client information, recruitment contacts, bill rates, and location information. Once this work order has been saved, it becomes a selectable field when creating projects. Linking your work orders to your projects enables your projects to also be linked with your employee timesheets. Having a workflow that links these modules together will take pressure off of you and your business.

Here are just some of our Work Order features

Link with projects
Link with timesheets
Team member information
Bill rate information
Expense information
Vendor information
Client information
Customer contact information

There is an unmatched amount of detail within the HubEntry Master Services Agreement (MSA) tracking. HubEntry enables you to input all the necessary information you need into your MSAs; from agreement information to invoicing cycles, and payment terms to signatory information. And as a web based application, HubEntry provides remote access to this information, so you can access your contracts and work orders from anywhere at any time.

Here are just some of our Master Services Agreement (MSA) Tracking features

Agreement information
Tax ID information
Invoicing cycle information
Invoicing method information
Payment term information
Signatory information
Counter signatory information
Attach documents