Customer and Employee Management

Access Customer and Employee Information Anytime, Anywhere

Customer and Employee Management HubEntry enables you to effectively manage your employee information. As an administrator, you will be able to input your employees, the management structure they fit into, assign corresponding responsibilities, assign resource managers, and initiate employee appraisals. Your employees will be able to remotely submit timesheets, input personal information, and upload documents. HubEntry puts all necessary information at your fingertips.

Here are just a few of our Employee Management features

Employee appraisals
Employee documents
Employee timesheets
Employee management structure
Employee personal information

Having timely access to your customer information can be crucial to success. Having that timely information available remotely can be even more crucial. As a web based application hosted in the cloud, HubEntry does just this. HubEntry enables you to input all of your customer information, including the all-important contact information, so you can pull it up from any computer, anywhere. This way you are never without all the phone numbers and contact points you need to keep your business growing.